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Mar 31, 2008


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Tony Wilkins

Is your "Congressman for Life" description meant to be degrading or just simply sarcastic?

Also, I was hoping someone would have video of Bratton's husband and Ovittore's dad bumping chests at the last debate. I can't find it on youtube. There must not have been any cameras around.

Ed Cone

Tony, you poor sensitive soul, it's neither degrading nor sarcastic, it's merely descriptive ("Congressman for as Long as He Wants To Be in a Gerrymandered District in Which He is Quite Popular" may be more accurate, but it just doesn't flow).

Tony Wilkins

You're right, I am sensitive.
Just checking.

Roger Greene

Tony, I think Murphy in the Morning coined that phrase a long time ago and would announce him as such when he would interview him. Howard got a kick out of it. I've voted for Howard every time he's on the ballot and will continue to, but he forgot all about the Congressional term limit debate when he was running from outside way back when. He was for it, by the way, and rightfully so in my opinion. As far as the gerrymandering comment, Howard won before the district was changed and would win again were it to revert to the old boundaries.

Ed Cone

RG, the gerrymandering is a simple statement of fact. Howard did win before the lines were redrawn, but it was a very close race. Since then, it's been a cakewalk and seems likely to remain one.

Speculative history is an interesting game. On the one hand, Howard's popularity might allow him to withstand all challengers in a more competitive district...on the other, maybe he would not have been free to take some of the stands that endear him to people (e.g., questioning Iraq strategy and execution) if he was more dependent on party support, and maybe some heavyweight Dems would challenge him if the race seemed winnable.

Fair to note that the GOP-friendly 6th is an artifact of a larger map drawn to benefit Dems.

BTW, I never heard the Murphy line, I was just riffing on various "Presidents for Life" around the globe.


After a few more terms, do we get to call Mel Watts by the same moniker. Seems to fit the mold. Except maybe for that bit about winning before the gerrymandering.

Also, seems I heard Senator for Life used for Jessie as well years ago.

Ed Cone

Watt does seem to be on his way to membership in the lifer club. The map of his district is worthy of it's eponymous predecessor.

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