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Mar 16, 2008


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Ben Holder


Do you have a Robbie Perkins poster in your room? What about a Robbie perkins action figure?

keith brown

thanks ed for writing this article. We could consider it the article on the blog " a question for zack matheny", I am glad to see this issue finally be brought to the surface for all of Greensboro to see.

keith brown

ed, where do you see the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress stand on this issue?


Perkins is going to pretend publicly that he has an open mind about the issue, but at the end of the day he will find a reason to be against it because that is what the developers such as himself really want. That's what happens when you are a kept man.

Ed Cone

I don't share your cynicism, Sam, but if one does rule out the possibility that he actually means what he says, for the reasons he cites, one still might guess that a man widely supposed to have mayoral ambitions will play the populist angle and support these petitions for political reasons.

Preston Earle

I don't have a problem with the right to petition, but I think the 75% super-majority is too high and can have serious unintended consequences. A 60% or two-thirds super-majority would be much better. The Volokh Conspiracy had an interesting post Friday about consequences of too high super-majorities: (How do you make that a "link"?)

keith brown

If any indication on his vote on the mega builders case off of friendly shows how robbie is than Spag is right.

Preston the issue is that every other city has a protest petition on the books and adheres to the 75% rule and I are not crying foul on the rule. If it was such a bad deal i am sure the TREBICS CARTELS of Raleigh or Charlotte would have cried foul over the 75%


Is it not common sense that if it is good enough for Charlotte and Raleigh then Greensboro should have the right as well? Duh...

Only a developer or someone who is very developer friendly would vote to leave our rights unchanged.


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