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Mar 18, 2008


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Say, maybe the comments I read about Ohio being terribly corrupt, are true.

Fred Gregory

Oh, you mean like in "Jim Wells County" , Texas where the county election officials stuffed the paper balot boxes giving us the crook as Senator and eveventual President, LBJ.

Or like the Daley machine stole the election for JFK in 1962.

While we are discussing disenfranchisement I say let the Florida and Michigan citizens who voted by the millions have representation at the convention. LET EVERY VOTE COUNT !!


Sounds like you aren't going to be voting for the candidate who emerges from that convention. So I fail to see why any of us who will be voting for that candidate should give a crap what you say about Florida and Michigan.

Fred Gregory

Dear Anon JB,

Operation CHAOS is underway any working to perfection so don't care about what I say but please do BITE ME !

Tony Ledford

John F. Kennedy wasn't running for office in 1962. He was halfway (actually, two-thirds of the way) through his first, only and abbreviated term as President of the United States.

What election are you referencing?


Fred Gregory


That was an honest brain fart and you know darn well I was refering to the 1960 election. I do recall driving to Raleigh to see JFK speak at WNR Coliseum on the NCSU Campus. Kinda grasping at CS aren't you?

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