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Mar 28, 2008


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Sam H

I couldn't help but notice that Donald Patterson is doing the Skybus stories now, not Dick Barron....

John Nagy

As his editor, I can say Dick Barron still works for the paper. He's been working on a project for the last month and still has a couple of weeks to go on it.

Ed Cone

A reader claiming to be inside the N&R writes: "4-5 more N R employees were quietly let go right before Easter. Rumors are flying. Major sentiment is that Publisher didn't have the balls to announce to the staff. Many employees found out from sources outside the N&R. Many believe it more of the same making the numbers look better for prospective buyers so publisher and other top department heads can walk away with millions once the sale happens."

John Robinson

It was fewer than 4-5 and was in our production operation. But speaking as a top department head, I am interested in hearing how I can walk away with millions.

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