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Mar 27, 2008


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Chris Knight

Just posted some comments about this. In short: by using air support, Bush has committed an UNBELIEVABLE strategic error. This is damn near an official declaration that "the Surge" has NOT worked and worse, it means that our own ground forces are no longer capable of taking on a much smaller and less well-equipped ground force. You don't call in air strikes for this kind of thing, period.

It also compounds the folly of our becoming actively involved in another country's full-blown civil war... which is another thing sane leaders do not do.


"How is situation in Iraq nowadays? I've heard it is much better place now."

We no longer hear the whine of "the surge is a failure". We don't even hear "Afghanistan is a failure", which became the rallying cry when it was obvious they were wrong on Iraq, and about the surge.

Now we know just how wrong on Afghanistan they were. Of course, they changed their story about Afghanistan being the "good war" during the propaganda about the Iraq war.

I guess Fearless Leader's forgetfulness about his campaign promises really flummoxed them, didn't it?

Ed Cone

Bob, you replied to a spam comment -- I needed to delete it to mark it as spam.

But I hear plenty of calls to get out of Afghanistan, and I don't think many people have changed their mind about the invasion and botched occupation of Iraq being terrible mistakes.

Of the many ways Obama has disappointed his core supporters, I'd say military affairs are high on the list.

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