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Mar 29, 2008


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From The Education of a 9/11 Reporter by Eric Lichtblau:

The administration might be able to stop the presses with an injunction, but they couldn't stop the Internet.

Back to this post with an honest question:
Is the MSM with TV at the pinnacle, covering the Iraq war with the depth of these links, say the way the Nam war coverage evolved to the evening news on every station every night ?

Even though I don't have TV service, I would posit a 'No'.

It seems to me the internet has become a alternative for SOME outlets to deliver coverage of which is stymied on the way to the TV broadcast room.

In the short term, prior to November elections I expect breakout of delivery to continue. If this story was to get to the TV masses, in the depth and breadth of the net coverage, it would place at risk those who would continue to status quo.

On the net as it is ATM it posses minimal risk.

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