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Mar 30, 2008


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I feel sorry for her supporters. She was also on Ron Brown's plane and put a .45 in his head before parachuting safely.

BTW, Ed Cone's mom taught Matt Damon how to drive, shoot, fight and play cards.


The CBS people surely knew it was false when she first uttered because they were there. Why did it take them so long to make this lie public?


Speaking of her supporters and apologists, check out this exchange on Fox News between Lanny Davis and Col. David Hunt. Davis attempts to excuse Clinton's "misremembering" events in Bosnia and attacking everyone in sight, including Col. Hunt who was there. This is typical Clinton political warfare. Destroy your enemies so they can't hold you accountable for your words and actions. I'm sure that this brouhaha has been a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to destroy her campaign.



Lanny Davis, Hillary Apologist, tries again to defend Hillary as a victim of gender discrimination. Go Tucker:


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