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Mar 26, 2008


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It's amazing how fair and balanced those FOX News people can be when attacking their own compared to the rest of the time that they are on the air.

If only Matthews had the courage to call out the always fair and balanced Keith Olbermann.

Ian McDowell

Wallace's take on the Wright controversy and on Obama's speech is very similar to Jack Kemp's, Mike Huckabee's, and rather more suprisingly, John Hammer's. I've expressed skepticism (well, okay, I was less polite and more ad hominem than just that) over Hammer's claim that he has no ulterior motive when he refers to Obama by his full name, but his admiration for the speech (in content as well as rhetoric and passion) seems sincere and I have to give him credit, as I wouldn't have thought him capable of the same kind of even-handed nuance as Kemp, Huckabee and Wallace.

Ged Maheux

They do have moments of "Fair & Balanced" Sam, but evidently that kind of behavior gets people like Wallace in trouble with his bosses. Note that at the end of the interview he says it's not something he's likely to ever do again. Someone above him questioned his actions on camera and now he regrets doing what he did. This person also said its "not their job to defend Obama".

Wow, really? Evidently attacking is okay, but defending is not their job. That's Fox News in a nutshell and why Barack hasn't been, and most likely will never appear on Fox News.


Now I'm not claiming that Fox News is as balanced as they tout. But I dont mind getting my news and/or opinions from a more "right minded" viewpoint as I am "right minded" myself. It has been a nice change of pace from the years of "left minded" reporting.

I just wish some folks got their knickers wadded to an equal extent over other networks, programs, anchors, reporters, personalities, whatever... Keith O... Dan Abrahms? Cmon guys at least we can be honest here. There's a definite shoe and other foot scenario (and there has been for years now) and you guys on the left still just cant seem to take it! Whats up wit dat? Get over yourselves.

Im kind of glad Wallace took those guys and gals to task. The Fox morning show has become a national version of local AM "news". You know... cats in trees, weather, kids in holes, weather, 2 seconds of sports, weather, big fire, bad storm, weather... yech

No offense Rosemary, Cindy, et al

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