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Mar 19, 2008


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Who controls Congress right now?


From the early 90s on it was clear that the CRA was being used to compel banks like BofA and First Union who wanted to grow via mergers, to make below-market loans to "underserved" populations. Everyone knew this, applauded it, and expanded it.

Laura James

We need more regulation -- not less. Regulation is good for industry of all kinds, because it fosters consumer trust. How long did it take you all to start buying spinach or Taco Bell, again after the E.coli outbreak last year? Personally, I never ever buy ground beef (a friend used to inspect grocery stores for one of N.C.s county health depts., and would find maggots in the grinders) Of course the neocon fanatics would say the solution to that problem is to stop inspecting and stop tracking violations, and stop reporting them, so that consumers will never know what they're eating --or what makes them sick!

We need to dump the deregulation fanatics that exist in BOTH parties. The banking industry and Wall St. hedge fund managers squawked and kicked like two-year-old infants everytime someone suggested reforming the subprime industry in recent years -- and the whores that make up our Congress these days dutifully looked the other way, in exchange for campaign cash -- just as they do whenever someone suggests reforming the health care crisis. So America continues to rot from within. Because Congress blocks every attempt at reform.

Progressives need to work together to dump the Republicans that exist in BOTH parties -- starting with Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and even Brad Miller, and replace them with intelligent, solutions-oriented progressive candidates who will work for equality and equal opportunity. Congress won't fix anything until voters start growing up, stop believing the FOX and Rush Limbaugh propaganda/paranoia networks, and use their rational faculties to solve problems.

David Boyd

How come there were maggots in the grinders when the grocery stores were being regulated by the county's health department?



The Democrats control congress now. And Brad Miller introduced a similar bill last year, which has passed in the House and is presumably in the Senate. So, they're working on it, if that's what you're asking.

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