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Mar 31, 2008


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Percy Walker

Lou Dobbs was wrong to criticize Secretary Rice -- in fact, he should have treated her as an ally in the point he was trying to make -- but Atrios is wrong that Dobbs said anything otherwise offensive. One could look at Atrios' reaction and say, not only can you not talk about race without recrimination, you can't talk about talking about race without recrimination. Atrios is the anti-Obama on this race stuff.

Stumbling over "cotton-pickin'" is, however, hilarious.


No surprise there. Dabe Neiwert has been dissectinig Lou's racism for quite a while now....yet so many otherwise intelligent people still think that Dobbs is a decent journalist.


That's Dave, not Dabe....

Percy Walker

Great. Dobbs' populism is awful, but let's skip over the merits of his positions and focus on his supposed racism.


Guess I just missed it altogether. I was waiting for the offensive part that never came.

David Hoggard

Me too, Sam.

I agree with Percy that the "cotton-pickin" stumble was pretty amusing, but Atrios has a different threshold for offensiveness than I.

Ed Cone

The rest of Atrios' comment: "He's teeing off on the fact that Rice actually suggested that maybe this country, as it was founded, was a bit problematic with respect to race and then goes on to complain that black people are always telling him what he can and can't say."

I don't know that what Dobbs says is offensive, unless you find missing the point offensive. He's ignoring the substance of Rice's remarks and launching into an off-topic rant instead. She's talking about something real, he's changing the subject.

In any case, damn, that cotton pickin' moment is hilarious.

Jim Rosenberg

Give Dobbs his due ... the man pulled it back. That was something to see. He had "cotton puh ..." all the way out past his nose and he into the wild and he somehow covered it up with other words while lunging out there and stuffing it back in his mouth. Thrilling to watch. Talk about diving for the loose ball. Honestly, that was a Hansbrough move. I applauded when I wasn't laughing.


That was hysterical -- but he shouldn't have pulled back, not if he really believed his larger point about being able to say anything about race. What a fraud. I've long suspected he doesn't believe one-tenth of the stuff he says -- he just saw a vacuum and filled it.

Ged Maheux

If the line wasn't offensive, why do you suppose CNN scrubbed it from the transcript?

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