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Mar 30, 2008


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Patrick Eakes

I thought about that letter, too, as Hansbrough buried Louisville with mid-range jumpers last night. Perhaps the author might want to reconsider.

Dennis Luber

My observations stand. KU handled POY "Psycho". Good basic fundamental defense contained him. Did you guys see the semis? The last 3 - 5 UNC possessions sealed the deal for me! Again, "psycho" is a top 10 and will make his way to the NBA, but again when I think of POY I think of more than a rebounding, free throw shooter. POY has got to have the package and sends his team to a level they would not have otherwise gotten to. I'm not so sure a 100% healthy Lawson isn't more valuable to UNC than Psycho???? Watch the demise of KSU next year as my point. Good luck next year fellas but adding mid-range jumpers and beating Louisville does not make Psycho a POY.

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