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Mar 30, 2008


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Let's just hope we don't have to wait another 39 years for it to happen again.


Davidson had a GREAT run. Even my uncaring wife and daughter mentioned them. Great team, great story. Fun to watch. Well coached and true student athletes. Just goes to show that if you run a good , solid program and do the right things every once in a while great things happen.

Now.... Go Heels. Should be a good Final Four.

BTW... good luck with future scheduling :)


Lex, how come my comments never appear on your site? I write them, I hit "post" and .... nada.

What I tried to write was this.

Two words may ease the pain of Richards departure a bit.

"Matt McKillop"


Errrr -- I mean Brendan.


DFL, I moderate comments, but that shouldn't be a problem. I've gotten no indication lately that anyone has tried unsuccessfully to post comments. I see you commented on 3/23; have you tried since?

Sam Spencer

Haven't cried so many times in one month in a long time. Really was March Madness.

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