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Feb 26, 2008


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If she is as cold and haughty as this makes her seem, it's no surprise she gets along with her candidate. Dole is barely functional, but she'll win unless there's a national Democratic avalanche that has nothing to do with Hagan. Extremely unimportant "web campaign" aside, Hagan is a very poor candidate for office at this level.

Ed Cone

Kay Hagan is not cold, haughty, or a poor candidate for the office. Web campaigns are not unimportant. Other than that, great comment.


To evaluate a person by a web site is, well, silly. Kay is caring and warm and she also needs to develop the online side of her efforts. She's an effective politician and a great representative for us. What a silly comment - on so many levels.


I'll pass on a response to the sarcasm, but to Sue: I wasn't the one evaluating her by a web site. I don't know Hagan personally, in which context I am sure she is a perfectly lovely person. I also think (and it's objectively observable) that she's an effective state legislator. However, on television and in groups of strangers, where along with direct mail this campaign will be fought and won or lost (not on the web), she comes off as cold, haughty and not particularly articulate. She didn't even want to run until the powers-that-be decided one of them had to run against the gay guy from Chapel Hill and dragged her back in, resulting in a campaign with no motivation or philosophy except to pick positions that will offend the fewest people possible.

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