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Feb 28, 2008


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Mitchie Shorpstein

I don't know much about Joe Wilson, but he will have huge troubles trying to defeat a war hero and patriot of the first order.


since link is gone, is this the same joe wilson that ran for city council last fall?

Ed Cone

The very same.

Joe Wilson

Sorry Ed , I have a new site coming online ,it's just not up yet , it's coming soon . There were a lot of interesting filings today, I'm looking forward to a new election cycle and hope everyone will keep the dialogue positive.

Ed Cone

Joe, will you keep your archives available, or will they disappear?

Joe Wilson

Ed, nothing ever truly disappears

Ed Cone

That may be true in some metaphysical sense.

However, I was wondering if you will keep your blog archives available online.

keith brown

ed the first thing i would like to ask don and joe is how they feel on passing a bill that will make greensboro comply with Protest Petition. Should i go to a forum with them there and get their reaction?

Joe Wilson

Keith , You don't have to wait for a forum to ask me .I see no reason why residents of Greensboro shouldn't have the same right of protest petition that citizens across the state receive.

If someone knows of a good argument against this idea I would like to hear from them ,any time we change a law we need to really think it through before making a final decision

keith brown

Thanks for the reply, Mr Wilson. If you read this . Could you please go to my blog and e-mail me because I have a few questions I want to ask you and Mr. Vaughan.
You already answered one of the questions. Thanks for that. There are a few I would like to ask and show the response to let everyone where you 2 stand on this issue. You can reach the blog at
Have a great weekend.

keith brown

Mr. Vaughan has e mailed me back on the issue of protest petition, I will wait till I hear back from Mr. Wilson and post their responses on the blog

joe's web chick

Keith, I'll point Joe to your comment, but you may also contact him via this contact form at Thanks. :)

keith brown

I will e mail joe sometime tomorrow on his web site. How bout them HEELS! Thanks

Joe Wilson

I look forward to hearing from you Keith.

Wilson for Senate ... Hansbrough for player of the year!


There goes the Dookie vote.

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