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Feb 26, 2008


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Fear The Wildcat!


With two games to go in the regular season, followed by a probable must win tourney, please tell me there isn't an equivalent to the SI cover jinx. I feel like I did when the announcer said "Steph Curry has hit 41 straight freethrows" before his first miss in memory last weekend.

This is a great team, with a great coach. I've had as much fun following them as I've ever had in a lifetime. It's a great day to be a Wildcat, and its nice that a great team with the best coach in the land is getting recognition. Looking forward to Senior Night on Wednesday.


Dang straight.

Zack Matheny

Ed - My brother, Matt, has coached at Davidson for 15 years and is the Assoicate Head Coach. He has worked very hard with Bob to build a respectable team that actually graduates. Thanks for acknowledging the Wildcats.

Zack Matheny



Your brother is a friend of mine - we were in the same freshman class. He's done a great job and we're all proud of him and the team.

I hope he inherits the Head Coaching spot when Bob eventually retires or moves on.



19 in a row.

Say goodnight, ASU.

Jill Williams

I'm chiming in a little late here, but I always like it when Ed gives props to Davidson.

Zack, I always felt like your face and name were familiar and I never could place you, but now I see the resemblance between you and your brother. (I went to Davidson and worked there for 10 years before moving to Greensboro.)

Mystery solved. (Though I see that you've all still got many more yet to solve in Greensboro. Good luck with that.)

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