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Feb 25, 2008


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Alan Cone Bulluck

Hagan and Neal should be stumping for Hope. Maybe some Change, too. With a solid program of Federal Hope, Change, you can't stop them. You can't stop them.

Ed Cone

From Rich's column on the Clinton campaign (linked yesterday): "As for countering what she sees as the empty Obama brand of hope, she offers only a chilly void: Abandon hope all ye who enter here. This must be the first presidential candidate in history to devote so much energy to preaching against optimism [and] inspiring language."

Words are not enough. But ridiculing people for campaigning with the language of hope and possibility seems like a shaky strategy -- and of course, contains no substance of its own.

Jim Rosenberg

But, I love the smell of hope in the morningt.

Fred Gregory

Where have I heard this before?

keith brown

please tell elizabeth dole to buy a house in this state . I don't care where but somewhere Bald Head, Figure Eight, Boone or Salisbury. Please tell me i am wrong but i heard that Elizabeth Dole uses her mothers address as her residence for living in this state. If you and your husband can afford a residence in Kansas then you can afford a residence in North Carolina. I won't vote for her till she does this and this is coming from a conservative republican.



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