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Feb 25, 2008


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John G

Religion is "of man". My relationship with God is "personal of nature, and compleatly spiritual." Faith and Religion are (IMHO) two separate and diffrent aspects of a relationship with God.


The reason you see this in so many christian churches today is because of what so many evangelicals call the "prosperty gospel". This is a new age preaching method where everything is feel good, beleive in god and you are ok. Finances, Health, relationships will all be fixed if you beleive in God. To many of these individuals who are preaching this are leading their flocks away from the Bible. The Bible never states these promises. So, when someone goes to a Joel Osteens church and bad things happen in their life they turn away. There is no anchor or depth to their beleif, so its easy to turn and go some where else.

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