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Jan 30, 2008


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Jim Buie

I generally agree Edwards made a positive contribution to the campaign, but surmise this is the end of his elective career and the end of a campaign against "poverty," which is a divisive classification that identifies poor people as "the other" to be too easily blamed and resented, when they self-identify as "the struggling middle class" like the rest of us. See my analysis here. Your comments welcome.

Ian McDowell

I actually like Rudy more than you do, and even found myself agreeing (God help me) with some of of the stuff that Orson Scott Card said in (qualified) praise of him in his "Civilization Watch" column in the Rhino (where it's amusing to see Card wind Hammer and his readership's chain about, respectively, Giuliani and immigration). Sure, he's a vindictive bastard who thinks you're either for him or against him, but that's true of Hillary, too. I'd much rather see Rudy be president than Romney or Huckabee. I also think that Ron Paul is a dangerous loony.

But having said that, I also think that Fox's pro-Rudy (and anti-Paul) bias is obvious and inarguable, far more so than any pro-Hillary (or pro-Obama) bias on the part of more "liberal" networks.

Ed Cone

As I wrote last year in a comment beneath one of the posts linked above, I liked a lot about Rudy, including his stance on social issues, his unwillingness to pretend he didn't have those stances, and the good things he did in NY. I didn't like his foreign policy, and I found his tax and healthcare pronouncements simplistic. My point from the start was not so much that I didn't like him, but that voters wouldn't vote for him -- because of his personality, and because of the things I liked about him.

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