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Jan 25, 2008


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I admit I'm also drawn to Savage's rambling acidic style, and find myself listening to him on my evening drives when I probably should switch to something more soothing.
His cadence and long stream of consciousness speeches have a poetry of their own and he often backs up his arguments with a strong array of historical and literary reference. He has a different view, no question, but at least he works hard to make a good case.
As far as I can determine there are very few people he likes at all, which to me is preferable to someone who worships blindly a leader who leads us to a path of destruction.

Ed Cone

To be clear: I think Savage is a vile hack, but an entertaining one.

John G

"To be clear: I think Savage is a vile hack, but an entertaining one."
Ed, I agree! I think the same of both Bill and Hillary. They are never going to change. The attacks against Obama are going to get rougher. It is a shame; because untill now; it was always targeted against the republicats. Now it is getting entertaining!

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