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Jan 26, 2008


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Beau D. Jackson

WSJ: "[P]rediction market data tend to confirm that Mr. Giuliani's recent decline is due to a poor campaign, rather than a poor strategy."

And as I've said from the start, a poor candidate.

More from WaPo: "While it's too early to write Giuliani's campaign obituary, it's not hard to see his weaknesses as a candidate."

Rudy was never a "Poor Candidate" he just had some past issues he couldn't over come, and he was a tad to Liberal for a conservative Republicans taste. Ed I have a axiom that I've always used, that when I come to a end in the road and my only options are to turn right or turn left I always turn right in that more times than not it was the right choice. You might want to try it and get back on the "right" road, why nelse would they call it a right!

Alan Cone Bulluck

This whole Rudy thing is yesterday's news. The real question is:

Why do Democrats hate black people?

How else can you explain Clinton beating Obama? I always knew that Democrats used the black vote as a tool to get into public office, but I didn't know that they were racists, too. I'm disgusted. Tis a dark day for America, indeed!

Dave Dobson

Alan, I shouldn't respond to such a puerile comment, but polls show that Hillary gets a significant amount of support from black voters. So, through your logic, why do those black voters hate themselves?

Ed Cone

BDJ, Rudy was a poor candidate for precisely the reasons you say -- issues in his past, and ideological compatibility with GOP base, along with issues of personal style mentioned in the Post article.

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