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Jan 31, 2008


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Ian McDowell

If you've not posted that link by the time I get my lazy ass out of the house (I'm off today, as a co-worker of mine wants off Sunday for the Superbowl), I'll be looking for a Rhino. In the meantime, without having yet seen the piece, I'll say that this does point out a potential virtue to Bledsoe and Hammer's work that not many have commented on. Wray may not be the saint that Bledsoe paints him as. Mitch Johnson may not be a villain. But "Cops In Black and White" has been shining a light on some other people whom I never knew existed, and whose names don't tend to come up in The News and Record, and the fact that some of those people are this unhappy about it suggests that the illumination is very valuable indeed.

Ed Cone

I can't post a link til the Rhino puts it online, and they don't post fresh copy until Monday.

As for your comments, yes.

Jonathan Jones

It's Text to be displayednow. Just finished reading it. Interesting.

Jonathan Jones

Sorry for that crazy looking link. This should work.

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