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Jan 29, 2008


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Doug H

Ah, but who's the writer?

Dave Dobson

Ed, don't you know by now that we aren't allowed to pay any attention to anything from Media Matters? George Soros paid them to Photoshop America's mayor onto Glenn Beck's chest, you know.


Alan Colmes is in a particularly good mood, today.


If it comes down to McCain and Obama; I will vote for Obama. McCain is too liberal for me.
I would vote for satan before I would vote for Clinton.


That's almost as bad as having Matthews and Olbermann hosting the post debate and post State of the Union analysis on MSNBC.

Then of course there is also selective outrage, as demonstrated by the title and subject of this post. Particularly so when one considers what Media Matters had to say about MSNBC and CNN referring to Giuliani as "Americas Mayor". But of course, that's different.

I hear that this year, the DSM IV will add FNDS to their manual.

There you go again Sam, changing the subject from bashing FOX as biased by pointing out that other "non-biased" networks are doing the same thing. Typical Sam, go off topic and ruin a perfectly good FOX News rant by daring to put matters in their proper and truthful context. How dare you. You ruin everything around here with your negativity and counter arguments. Don't you know that posting oppositional posts is interpreted as a personal attack around here?

You always bring the thread down with your "facts" and analysis.


I hear that Split Personality Disorder is already in the DSM.


Sometimes I can't stop that little guy. He just keeps talking in my ear making too much sense.


Why do you hate people with patriots? Do you like not the flag of Americas? He savwed the world. He saved 911. Why doyou hate it fredom?

David Wharton

Sam's definitely got a point. (Unless Fox and the BBC are both shilling for Giuliani?).

Ed Cone

The point of the Fox News video is not that Fox News was the only media outlet ever to use the marketing slogan "America's Mayor" to refer to Giuliani.

As Media Matters -- which assembled the clips -- had documented, other organizations have done so, too.

But as the clip reel shows, it was a scripted effort at Fox News -- across the board, again and again and again, Giuliani was granted the favor of being called "America's Mayor." It was like calling suicide bombers "homicide bombers" -- an orchestrated bit of propaganda.

Ultimately, not a very effective one.


With Giuliani, as with all neocons, it's all fear, all the time -- no substance and no real-world solutions to social problems. If you want to know more about the history of the politics of fear that the neoconservative Republicans subscribe to -- much like their islamic fascist counterparts -- check out this classic documentary, "The Power of Nightmares" by Adam Curtis:



"With Giuliani, as with all neocons, it's all fear, all the time -- no substance and no real-world solutions to social problems."

Yes, of course.

Just like the no real-world solutions to stop people from using terror on other people thingy that we some folks used to advocate so loudly.

What ever happened to that?

The economy thingy is all the rage now, I guess.


What proof do you have that it was scripted at FOX but not elsewhere? Anyone could go back and splice together people at CNN or MSNBC saying "America's mayor" and make the same claim. They probably just don't have the time to waste doing it. As David has pointed out, a Google search of the term finds "offenders" all across the board, but somehow FOX is singled out.

David Wharton

Fox could have scripted it, but you don't need to assume that in order to explain its repeated use there.

It's simpler to assume that TV news people find it easier to repeat trite forumlas than to think of something new and interesting to say.

Don't assume a conspiracy when stupidity or laziness will explain the situation just as well.

Ed Cone

DW, I don't see Occam's Razor cutting the way you suggest. The frequent and enthusiastic use of the marketing slogan symbolizes a documented phenomenon, it's not meant to be the aha! moment by which we discover the phenomenon.

David Wharton

OK, uncle! If the Times says it, case closed.

Except, I couldn't find the paragraph about the Ailes memo RE: Required Use of "America's Mayor" Moniker for My Close Friend Mr. Giuliani.

Amazing, too, Ailes's influence across the pond with the Telegraph, the Economist, and the BBC. The guy's got pull.

I wonder how much Ailes paid Oprah to come up with that catchy marketing slogan.

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