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Jan 25, 2008


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Patrick Eakes

I wish Noonan had inserted "Sack up" into a Reagan speech. That would be a great YouTube moment even 25 years later.


If you're female, how do you sack up? Or do you O(vary) up, or what?


The cover story in Newsweek is also about President Bush and his long lasting effects on the future of the Republican party:

Also on the side are several companion articles including "How My Party Lost Its Way."

King Don

Why do you people hate former presidents who suffer from Alzheimers? Seriously!


Noonan is mostly right, except don't expect too much from those "conservative pundits" because many of them aren't really conservatives.


Oh yeah, and right now we are beginning to see the Clinton's do the same to the Democratic Party. It was only a matter of time, really, with or without the Clinton's. The Democratic Party is made up of a more fractured coalition of special interest groups than the GOP. If splitting those groups is necessary to get Hillary in the White House, then that is what the Clinton's will do.

King Don

Why do the people love Clinton when he hates America?


He just hates his opponents. Bush hates America. Look what he did to the GOP, right?

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