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Dec 21, 2007


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weldon berger

Sounds a bit anthropomorphic. What'd they do, hire Blackwater as an anti-spam service?

Ed Cone

Terminate...with extreme prejudice.



I will send you an e-mail later, but this complaint/problem with typepad's new "spam/filter"
release seems to have HIT 5 or 6 blogs that I visit regularly with some being affected sooner then others.

In any event, I would be most interested in your readers/experienced bloggers and comment-folks as well/ recommendations for the best "blog software/tool" to BEGIN a blogging journey with--I have narrowed it down over the last month to

1> blogger.com
2> typepad
3> blog.com

I will be starting my blog in January and hope to be able to quickly upload pictures, graphs, have comments area,and blogroll/constant links.
I should add I have ZERO computer language skills except 25 year old Pascal experience.

Thank you.



PS-- I bought a domain name for my blog, and could use my own servers down the road, but for now, I prefer to not connect to my own servers until I see if I enjoy and can make the time to blog as often as I hope to. So if I start with one of these tools, ability to save/own and move my content is an important isssue in this deciaion besides of "ease-of-use" for me (the blogger) and the readers. Thank you again.

Ed Cone

G, I find TypePad a good fit for my needs -- easy to use, with all the features you mention, hosted by the company, nice look and feel. There's a very cheap version, I use the one that costs about $150 a year because it offers a lot of storage and allows me to set up multiple blogs.

My computer skills prior to starting a blog consisted of word-processing, web surfing, and Minesweeper.

I often recommend Blogger for people who are starting out -- even to set up a free blog and mess around with it for a week or so, never making it public and deleting it at the end, just to get accustomed to the basics of the medium. That said, a lot of people use it for real, and it has improved over time. Like TypePad, it is very easy to use.

Don't know much about blog.com. A lot of folks swear by WordPress. I looked at it when I was moving from my old blog a couple of years ago, and at that time did not find it as drop-dead simple as I wanted.

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