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Dec 18, 2007


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Kari Chisholm

Thanks, Ed, for noticing our well-dressed (but airheaded) Senator. There's lots more about his record at (from the Democratic Party of Oregon.)

This would be a good time to discover the Democrats who are running against him.

I'm supporting Jeff Merkley, Oregon's Speaker of the House. He led the Democrats to a majority in 2006, after 16 years in the minority.

As Speaker, Merkley held together a one-vote 31-29 majority, and achieved the most progressive session in Oregon in 30 years.


Kari Chisholm

This all happened in 2007:

  • A 22% increase in university budgets
  • A $6.245 billion K-12 education budget, an 18% increase
  • Guaranteed sexual assault victims access to emergency contraceptives
  • Domestic partnerships for gays & lesbians
  • Majority signup for unions ("card check")
  • 25% renewable energy standard by 2025
  • A 36% cap on predatory payday loans (down from 528% average)
  • A biofuels incentive package
  • Established a rainy day fund for the state budget
  • Sent the voters a fix for Measure 37 that protects housing rights while stopping Wal-Mart
  • Expansion of the Oregon Bottle Bill to include water bottles (~125 million/year)
  • Guaranteed coverage for contraceptives in health insurance
  • Employment non-discrimination for sexual orientation
  • Free speech and free press rights for student media
  • 3200 more children in Head Start
  • Sent the voters a cigarette tax to fund health care for all kids
  • Expanded the prescription drug purchasing pool
  • Started the ball rolling toward universal health care in 2009
  • An extensive identity theft protection law
  • 100 new state troopers; 15 new forensic scientists
  • The internet predator act
  • An e-waste recycling program
  • A 17% pay raise for Oregon's judges (who were lowest-paid in the nation)
  • Restored the "Rule of 31" to the Oregon House; encouraging bipartisan cooperation
  • Referred to voters a repeal of the "double majority" rule
  • A wide-ranging and strict ethics package for all public officials
  • Reform of the initiative process that boosts grassroots organizing, while regulating mercenaries
Kari Chisholm

...and it all happened because Merkley led the Democrats to victory in 2006.

The other Democrat who shouldn't be ignored is Steve Novick. He's been an activist and consultant to various Democratic campaigns and officials over the years. He's also an excellent progressive and a good friend of mine.

[Full disclosure: My company hosts,, and I speak here only for myself.]


[Full disclosure: My company hosts,, and I speak here only for myself.]

Good thing you're not a "global warming denier" (are you?), otherwise you might be denounced as a partisan shill here.

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