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Dec 10, 2007


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That was a bad year. I spun out on I-81 in Virginia after hitting black ice...went from guard rail to guard rail (without ever coming into contact with them!)while going around in circles for about a mile. Finally ended up on the shoulder of the road, facing the right way, and there wasn't a scratch on anyone or the car. We got very lucky. I was going to stay on the side of the road to catch my breath for just a second when I saw an 18 wheeler spinning out and heading right towards us. I got out of there fast...didn't want to be hit by that! Just a few weeks later there was another ice storm just as we were heading off to Chapel Hill for our son's surgery. It was a very scary trip to Chapel Hill for that surgery. Then, while his head was still all bandaged up from the surgery, there was yet more ice, which caused our power to go out for 3 days. Since he had just had the surgery, we couldn't stay in the cold house, so we went to a hotel, but the closest hotel that we could find that was filled and that had power was in Lexington. What a pain in the butt that year was! :-o


...Being a proud Southerner and all, I got no business driving on ice - but since there’s a logo on my soul I didn’t have much choice. No sooner had dawn broke over the frigid moonscape that was my neighborhood did my cell phone begin to overheat. Thus began my indoctrination into the driving arts; a crash-free course in keeping all manners of two-wheel drive news vehicles betwixt the ditches. I’m not saying I could last up North, but after slinging nasties across the tri-county region without breaking any glass, I feel pretty good about my intrinsic skidability - even if I do insist on yahooing like Bo and Luke Duke anytime the back tires lose traction. Man, reporters hate that...


Even the northerners don't do well with ice. We're ok with the snow, but that ice is horrible. When I still lived up there I never left the house during winter without a bag of kitty litter and some boards...just in case I got stuck. Put the boards under the tires and add some kitty litter and as long as you're not way down in a ditch you can usually get out!

Ed Cone

I am wearing shorts to work today.


And I am wishing NYC would just get a good dumping of pre-holiday snow, but alas, only rain in the forecast.

Cannot even imagine stepping outside to a 78 degree day right now. Loved my time in NC, but man, 80 near the holidays is still just plain Florida-weird to me.

And yes, ice fouls northerners just as easily as all else. Actually, I think ice on the roads is to 4x4 Range Rover types what tornados are to trailer parks.

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