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Dec 31, 2007


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Wonkette had reports of the Paulites mobbing the NH GOP headquarters phones until RP called them off. I can only assume they are currently assailing FOX News with email. There are also scurrilous reports that Rupert Murdoch and Judith Regan are sweet on Giuliani. The casual observer notes Sean Hannity's past exasperation with RP's debating success. Surely, Fox will capitulate.


It'd be a great question to ask Thompson at the debate: Why do you think you're here and Ron Paul isn't?

No one paid by Fox will do it.


So where's the "progressive" outrage over the fact that Duncan Hunter isn't invited to the forum either?

The top five Republican candidates nationally (those polling in double digits) were invited to a forum which had room for five candidates. Paul and Hunter fall outside of the top five. There's also a small matter of limited space available for the Fox event.

Paul has no chance of winning the Republican nomination. Neither does Hunter.

End of story.

What we have here is yet another non issue that Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" just want to use as an excuse to run there mouths.

Predictable......and boring, as usual.

But please do rant on and on over this with your phony indignation over this perceived slight, while the rest of us talk about the real issues.


Need I point out that no one has yet voted?


"Need I point out that no one has yet voted?"

And your actual point is.......?


My point is that given the chance, Hunter, Keyes or Paul might actually say something to advance their position. Of course, the real fear is that they might derail the course of one of the leading candidates. Let us dispense with voting and allow the elections to be decided by polling.


Meanwhile, here's some background on why our "progressive" pals are such guardians of Ron Paul's political fortunes.

Key points:

"The Ron Paul story never seems to end -- and yet never seems to quite make it into the mainstream media. That's because, in the political equivalent of a bank shot, Paul's fringe support helps bleach embarrassing stains from the Democrats."

"The Democrats and their media are using the Paul campaign to scrape six years of accumulated 'toother' scum off the Democrat Party, deposit it into the Libertarian movement make a little mess for the GOP. With Obama, Hillary and Edwards all refusing to promise to withdraw troops from Iraq by 2013 Democrats dream of losing the "surrender monkey" tag.

Here is a Chicago Tribune fluff piece with this gem of verbal judo:

'to a growing, Internet-based pool of supporters, the silver-haired obstetrician turned politician is the sanest man at the Republican debates and perhaps in all of Congress. Paul attracts an unusual political potpourri of people of all ages and viewpoints, including a sprinkling of conspiracy theorists and other extremists whose views Paul's campaign disavows.'

No anti-Semites, KKKers, or FBI raids in sight anywhere -- just ‘conspiracy theorists'--but all neatly 'disavowed.' Really? Was that when Jesse Benton -- Ron Paul's national communications director -- said 'I cannot say that we will be rejecting Mr. Black's (Stormfront) contribution?'

Well actually Ron Paul appears to be disavowing some contributions: those given by bankers and Wall Streeters. Corporate money is too dirty for Ron Paul to accept but KKK money is not?"


"My point is that given the chance, Hunter, Keyes or Paul might actually say something to advance their position."

Hunter or Keyes might actually be credible.

Here's a suggestion: Why doesn't Paul tap into some of that KKK support for a donation towards the costs of a larger studio to accommodate their favorite son?


Don't peer too closely into the RP crowd or you'll see yourself.


"Don't peer too closely into the RP crowd or you'll see yourself."

Oh please......spare me your withering (lack of)judgment.


Hey Everybody,

Have I told you about my New Years resolution? I resolve to be an even bigger blowhard, more blindly partisan, more narrow minded and a more obnoxious curmudgeon in 2008 than last year. I know it's a lofty goal, but I'm sure you'll all encourage my endeavor to muck up any blog discussion I join with my one-note craparhea.



Dave Dobson

"Our bus is too small" is a silly excuse - the state is full of venues where more people could fit. The national poll is a valid point, but the debate is to be held in New Hampshire and is billed as a pre-NH primary debate, and the NH GOP has asked Fox to allow Paul to be included.

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