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Dec 26, 2007


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Ed, I hope you didn't have to suffer through the painful Michael Ian Smith and his mind numbing sarcasm.


My mother still has the microwave she bought when she remodeled her kitched in 1979. It's huge and it isn't even digital. It seriously belongs in a museum.

And no, The Three Amigos was not a cultural phenonemon. What were they thinking?

Dave Dobson

Um, I remember the Three Amigos pretty well. Watched it again a year or so ago, and it stood up well, unlike most of the movies from that era.

Can't fault a show with a singing bush, an invisible swordsman, and the line about the plethora of gifts. Great stuff.

But they should have listed Ghostbusters first.


The younger generation LOVES made up memories and after-the-fact inflation of importance. N&R's Culture Shock anyone??

"I remember being two years old when Gummi Bears came on... and we as a generation were like 'we have arrived' --it was a statement to generations before and after that we WILL bounce here there and everywhere!!"

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