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Dec 19, 2007


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My color-rectal surgeon seemed have a weak spot in his medical education. Regardless an effective tracking mechanism would have caught my situation.

15 weeks after surgery I returned to work. My stitches were still not healed. I was still wearing dressing at a job that is mostly standing and moving around a small area - quickly.

I developed cold symptoms and went to my GP. He prescribed an antibiotic. In the course of that medical regimen I noticed the surgery site showed improvement.

I shared this observation with my surgical doctor at the next appointment . The immediate reply was 'are you sure ?'. He then wrote a prescription for the same medicine. My healing took place quickly under that second regimen.

One personal antidote, to be sure. But a mechanism that tracks patient health seems quite practical to me.






Hmmmm. Interesting typo. Edit: colorectal

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