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Dec 28, 2007


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Fred Gregory

Not to worry. Turn it over to the FBI. They will have things running on time, in due course. Or if that doesn't work employ Mussolini & Associates

Ed Cone

It's a truism in my business that a writer in search of a case study of disaster can always find one in the federal government. Lots of politics and bureaucracy and bad purchasing rules in play. There's usually a fat GAO file detailing the issues.The IRS systems modernization story is another classic tale of woe...


Flying home to RDU via ATL, the supposedly delayed flight was boarded 50 minutes before the posted board time. Once everyone was seated, a flight attendant announced we'd need to wait "a while" because the flight crew hadn't arrived. Strange and wonderful, this flying thing.

David Wharton

Flew round trip RDU-Phoenix on Southwest over Christmas. Personnel helpful and funny, even though the Phoenix airport was swarming at 7 am on the 26th. Seats comfortable. Return flight arrived home 20 minutes early.

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