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Nov 13, 2007


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David Hoggard

Lord help us. They're coming out of the woodwork.

Again in this cycle, any Dems who might be considered as contenders are savvy enough to keep their powder dry and their money in their pockets until Coble decides he doesn't want the job anymore.


Mad web skills, not. Why can't whack job repub's hire decent talent?

Mark Binker

For what it's worth, the FEC says he's a Dem too.


Love that 6th District ocean sunset.

Patrick Eakes

I keep hearing Coble won't run for reelection in 2008, so maybe this is the right cycle for the Dems to use that powder.


Nope. Belews Lake before the drought. My bad.


11th Commandment: I shall not comment on that Web site.


It's good to know he's so concerned about our democracy. I wonder why he has never voted, though.


Wow. I'm actually speechless.

Jeffrey Sykes

I dig how his links are in alphabetical order, thus, the home page link is actually seventh on the list.

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