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Nov 16, 2007


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Ged Maheux

So much for the "correction" being over huh?


Keep it Up, Ed.

You'll get your wish, and your sycophants will hail you as the great prognosticator.

Or perhaps you'll just delete this comment too.

Ed Cone

Bob, I will continue to delete comments that consist only of insults or flame-bait. You may remember that I banned another commenter in part for repeatedly attacking you without specific cause; that logic still applies.

I'm not an economist, and I'm not the one making the prognostications here; I certainly hope Roubini is wrong, and that we do not have a recession, much less the hard landing he predicts. He has been correct on a lot of this stuff to date, though, so ignoring him at this late date seems imprudent.


There will not be a recession, unless there is, in which case it will be the Democrats' fault.


"Bob, I will continue to delete comments that consist only of insults or flame-bait."

Well, Ed, many think that your comments consistently meet the above criteria.

Ian McDowell

(Begging everyone's pardon for opening with what's going to seem like an inflammatory digression.)

In many ways my politics are more like Jerry Bledsoe's than Ed's, especially where local issues are concerned, and while I think the Rhinoceros Times is often guilty of pandering and false outrage (not to mention badly in need of editing), I cheered their decision to print the notorious Mohammed cartoons, as I'm perplexed by the way that so many liberals seem blind to the danger of Islam (no, not just the "radical" variety), as if homophobia, racism, sexism and cultural imperialism are forgivable in people with brown skins.

Not to get us sidetracked debating the above; I'm just trying to make it clear that I'm not a traditional liberal, but somebody who finds himself agreeing more and more with certain conservative arguments.

That said, I've never found Ed or even the bulk of his "sycophants" (the use of that word made Bubba look worse than anything Ed could done)to be snarky or prone to flamebait, certainly not to the degree that Bubba and (especially) Beau D. Jackson are. Also, I think it's significant that the average entry in this blog has comments by five or more people expressing a fair range of political viewpoints, whereas when I peruse Bubba's blog, I see only one comment every other entry (if that many), the contents of which can be summed up with a Limbaughian "ditto."

Dave Ribar


There are some big risks out there, but very few people are currently talking about a "severe" recession (most forecasters are still actually predicting modest growth).

The "real" risks involve the subprime lending meltdown, energy prices & inflation, war/terrorism, and the general debt crisis. The economy seems to be in good enough shape to weather a couple of shocks but not multiple shocks. Even with multiple shocks, we're still probably only looking at a shallow downturn like those that happened '91 and '01, rather than '81-'82.

At this late stage of expansion, we should be fixing things--paying down the debt, addressing costly long-term problems, etc. The lack of attention to these problems will make it harder to fight and recover from the next recession, whenever it happens.

Ed Cone

IM: not sure that you are saying otherwise, but I supported the Rhino's publication of the cartoons, am quite aware of the seriousness of the terror threat (although quite dissatisfied with much of our reaction to it) and not interested in PC capitulation to any number of bad ideas held by any number of groups, Muslim or otherwise. Not sure where my politics differ notably from Jerry's, because I've never really found Jerry to be a political writer. I've found his series on Wray to be valuable in many ways, and frustrating in others.

DR: Hence my headline, "Roubini the bear" (not to mention the swell photo). Perfect storms rarely occur, fortunately. That said, the guy's been worth listening to through as the present problems have unfolded, and I don't discount him lightly.

I talk to a lot of business people in the course of my job and in my social life. The mood out there is not optimistic. Again, Roubini is more pessimistic than most of them...but from Wall Street to international manufacuting and marketing, I'm hearing a lot of worries expressed.


Ed, do you and Lex and John Robinson have conference calls to decide who gets to express their opinion and who isn't allowed to?

Ed Cone

JC, after 5.5 years, 10,500 posts, and maybe 50,000 comments, visitors remain welcome to express their opinions at my blog.

I don't mind mixing it up from time to time; I recognize that text is a blunt weapon and sometimes regret the tone conversations take, including my own tone; and I find dish-it-out-but-can't-take-itism both common and tiresome.

I have banned two people from commenting here: one for constant off-topic posts that frequently sought to provoke other readers, with Bubba a particular target, and another who took frustration with some obnoxious comments to absurd lengths by calling the employers of the commenters. I once edited a post because it made a harsh and unwarranted statement about a commenter's spouse.

I do ask people to refrain from attacks for the sake of attack, and I do warn repeat offenders that such comments may be removed, and in the case of one commenter have actually removed them.

If you disagree with something, say so. If you have a clever shot, take it.

But if you just want to say how terrible I am and how terrible my blog is, and my readers are, again and again, I will have to ask you to stop on the grounds that (a) we all agree and (b) it's boring.

Ian McDowell

No, I wasn't saying otherwise, just making the point that I'm probably less liberal than some of your other "sycophants." And in all fairness to jaycee, I'm not aware of him actually having tarred those who disagree with him or defend you with that brush. I'll admit that my pointed tone was just as much in reaction to someone who hasn't yet popped up in this thread (i.e., Bubba) as it was to jaycee, but I brought it up here because jaycee was repeating what I consider to be a false charge (that you dish it out but can't take it, and that you post flame bait while admonishing others for doing so) that I've seen Bubba and BDJ make before, in even more vehement terms.

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