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Nov 25, 2007


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David Boyd

Wonder if she means they were deliberately designed to fail. If so, seems odd that anyone would be expecting another round of 'luscious fees.'


As is becoming depressingly typical in news stories about this, she smashes together "sub prime" and "predatory" until you can't tell the difference.

They aren't the same thing.

Ed Cone

Yeah, other than devoting almost half the column to examples and statistics showing how lending to lower-income people can be successful and non-predatory, she totally does that.


Great article. Thanks for posting.

How bad can it get?


Pretty bad.

Of course all the bad news is the fault of liberals who have been hoping for things to fall apart just to Republicans look like incompetent fools in the fiscal responsibility department.

Ed Cone

How bad can it get? Much worse than what we've seen in the stock market, and worse than the likely wave of mortgage defaults next year, with ripple effects across the broader economy leading to a serious recession.

Here's the bearish view from a guy who has been right about a lot of this stuff so far.

How bad will it get? We'll see.


Center for Responsible Lending

...thought it sounded a little familiar.....


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