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Nov 26, 2007


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Joe Killian

Extra points for the use of "Like, for real."


I am so glad I have a boy. I don't think I could deal with this Hannah Montana stuff! Although he has talked about her....several of the girls in his class dressed up like her for Halloween and those girls, apparently, talk about her all the time. I'm happier dealing with Transformers. :-)

Dave Dobson

It must be some fundamental truth that alien war robots from another galaxy are easier to understand than adolescent girls.


My daughter went to the Hannah Montana show in Greensboro Sunday night (mostly as a lark -- she's way too old and sophisticated for this junk).

She played me a cellphone video she took and all you could hear was screaming. It was much like when I saw the Beatles in 1966 -- I was 12 and we were all screaming so much, you could not hear them play.

I'm glad my daughter is older now and not young enough to be influenced by the whole princess phenomena. That bothers me a whole lot more than goofy Hannah Montana.


Dave, where did you see the Beatles? My brother/sister saw them at Forest Hills, NY about the same age as you at the time. Same description, nothing but screaming.


Debra, not Dave, saw the Beatles. At the Olympia (where the Red Wings used to play) in Detroit. I still have the program. Bobby Hebb ("Sunny") and the Cyrkle ("Red Rubber Ball") were also on the bill.

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