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Nov 10, 2007


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Billy The Blogging Poet

I call dibs on the bulldozer!

brad krantz

Ed, why do you hate capitalism? I will never read your tree-hugging blog again. Walgreens has set a record for earnings and growth for the 33rd consecutive year. But that doesn't impress you, does it? Why are you and the DemoCRAT party so invested in economic defeat? You can always grow another tree, but the lost opportunity cost of a missing 24-hr Walgreens...... priceless.

Samuel Spagnola

Brad, I missed where this was a partisan issue. I thought you were tired of that. FTR, I'm with Ed and others on preserving this stretch of Lawndale as well as being opposed to much of the short sighted and greedy development that is taking place in the Triad.


Sounds like Greensboro needs one of these. But don't be surprised when the Puppetshow weighs in and accuses you of advocating a communist takeover.


Those trees are beautiful. There is no reason that I can think of, for another drugstore there. Pretty soon there will be a drugstore on every corner.

Eric J.S. Townsend

Isn't there another Walgreen's at the intersection of Lawndale and Pisgah Church Road? What's that? Maybe a 3-minute drive?

Ed Cone

Eric: Yep. Click on the link to the map, it's pretty remarkable how they like to build these things so close to each other -- sometimes literally across the street.

Billy The Blogging Poet

For several years I made deliveries to Lowes and Home Depot stores across the country and as a rule the stores try to locate as close to each other as possible-- usually side by side. I spoke with several store managers from both companies and all agreed that market research had taught them that locating next door to your biggest competitors drives up sales for both companies. Why I do not know.

You'll also notice that throughout the more populated states that you are almost never more than 15 minutes driving time from a Lowes or Home Depot store. Even people living outside of most cities and towns are rarely more than 15 minutes away.

I don't understand the theory behind all this but I've little doubt this is also the plan drug stores and other retailers are following so yes we can expect a drug store on every corner.

But hey, in my neighborhood we can already buy drugs on every corner.

Joe Guarino

Ed, it appears that Walgreens has made a fatal error, if I understand the previous reports correctly. They are apparently using an out-of-town commercial real estate developer. Now, if they used an in-town developer with the right connections, and hired the right local attorneys to argue their case before the city...


"Now, if they used an in-town developer with the right connections...."

I'm sure NAI-Piedmont Triad would be glad to oblige.

Ed Cone

NAI Piedmont Triad does in fact appear to be the local firm involved in the project.

Mad Dog


I travel Cornwalis everyday on my way to work. And the Lawndale-
Battleground intersection is already a nightmare with its short two lane merge into one lane into a school zone. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that ANY development at that interesection would be a disaster traffic wise.

Where can I sign a petition against this?


j. neas

Is this the lot with the brick house across from the Kerr Drug? I've been to many a concert/party at the Corndale House (so named after the intersection). I've noticed Walgreen's plan to set up a Walgreens across intersections from just about any other drug store, but these are beautiful residential lots. Another drug store in this spot would be useless and unnecessary.

joe wilson

Anyone interested in becoming part of an organization to stop stupidity in land use decisions can do so at my website. I had heard that newly re-elected Council member Robbie Perkins is a principal in this deal, just something I heard. Well at least there is a ambulance base nearby but, they may not be able to get there due to traffic.

Ed Cone

I have not heard that Robbie is a principal in this deal, but if you scroll up a bit in these comments you'll see that his company, NAI Piedmont Triad, is involved.


This is a tough one. I dont think we need a drugstore and I do love the trees but sooner or later these homes will fall into disrepair as fewer homeowners and more renters become the norm due to increasing traffic, commercial surroundings, etc. This "mistake" was made a long time ago. The current situation is just the result.

Ed Cone

That area is a mess, to be sure. But the plan under discussion also calls for nine town homes, so I guess residential usage is still seen as attractive.

To quote Dr. Wharton: "I hear from city planning staff that big-name consultants have been brought in to try to make sense of the Battleground-Lawndale-Cornwallis nexus as it is now, and they've just thrown their hands up in despair. A drive-through pharmacy would only make things worse."


Just a guess but the 9 townhomes are probably to soften the blow and make the proposal more palatable to the public. Also nine townhomes may be more marketable than 20 smaller, older, homes 10 feet from Lawndale Drive.

I believe this area to be headed under the bulldozer at some point. A wider road and close supervision of what goes in may have to be our last stand.

As DW points out that whole area is nasty.

joe wilson

The other end of Cornwallis from Elm to Chiswick park near Elmwood on the north side is already under fierce attack,look up it's owners on both sides of the street you will see that Robbie Perkins has already purchased at least 3 houses and is in his own words waiting for another resident to die, so he can buy that one...

Chiswick Park on Cornwallis nearby started it's journey as 3 single family home re-zoning case and then became a 4 unit Multi-family duplex case in order to avoid a traffic impact study being required and then became what you see today, 12 units in 6 separate duplexes,classic carrot and stick move.

These things always are introduced as something less than what they might become. I have said in my blog before that CD-PDI allows the most broad based uses and is typically a hiding place for the details,It's the new darling of controversial developers.

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