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Nov 29, 2007


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Don Moore

Word (on the Apple-leak boards) is that the pay is around $35K and it's not exactly easy to become a Mac Genius. Lots of hoops and stuff, good opportunity for young folks who will eventually make for more money.

Gedeon Maheux

It probably goes without saying, but me and the rest of the gang from the Iconfactory will be first in line when this new store opens here in Greensboro. I'm *really* looking forward to not having to walk into our CompUSA ever again. This is such great news.

Billy The Blogging Poet

As a long time Apple user I too will be happy to never walk in CompUSA again. As for a laptop, I just ordered my first.

Not a lot of whistles and bells, a little small and I will be forced to learn a little bit about Linnux but I think it will do everything I need and I'm feeling
as if my money is doing the most for the most people. And it's waterproof, tough as nails and comes with 1 year's free wireless. That should make it travel well on my motorized bicycles.

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