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Nov 06, 2007


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I have been on both sides of the PR circle. The main reason individuals in the media get mass emailed is because when PR folks try to reach out and get the best contacts at a pub, emails/phone calls are not returned.

I think this falls under the respect to be respected rules.

Ed Cone

The hard truth: Doing a job well requires hard work.

Finding the right person and the right pitch may mean that a flack has to think and read and prepare.

Here's an idea: read the publication. Find out what it covers, and does not cover. Find out what particular writers cover. Contact the right person with stuff that might be relevant. You don't need a contact person to steer you, you need a couple of hours of preparation.

I write long features about the strategic use of technology for business. If you are sending me a press release to announce that Joe Schmoe was named vice-president of sales at X Company, you are on my spam list.

Spamming people with email that has nothing to do with their jobs makes no sense under any circumstance.

Respect? I'm polite. I appreciate good work when I see it, and I do see it, especially from in-house PR.

But "you leave us no choice but to spam you" is BS.

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