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Nov 06, 2007


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I voted as well. I was the only one there, but the guy said there had been more people than during the primaries. My son did the Kid's Voting, which was neat. They gave him a candy bar and a sticker for doing it. Nobody gave me a candy bar or sticker! :-o

Yesterday I was talking to a person who asked me 'if there was an election or something happening'. When I said that there was, she asked me what it was for. Sigh.


I voted. I took my time and was the ONLY one there the entire time. The only non-poll worker on the entire premises was a Carmany campaigner.


I'll take the under -- just barely.

Patrick Eakes

I'll take the under, too. Let's say 17%.

Brent Kulman

New to Greensboro but the thing I noted is that only 30,000 people voted in the mayoral race. City council districts were selected by 5000-6000 people. The takeaway is that nobody really cares enough about these folks to cast a ballot.

Frankly, I found it hard to get adequate information about the candidates from the N&R to come to any conclusions. Everybody was against gang violence and for revitalizing the downtown. What kind of insights are those?


Very glad to have been wrong on that one.

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