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Nov 28, 2007


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David Boyd

I tried the Evan Williams that's on this list last weekend after seeing an ad for it somewhere. Pretty damn good.


I have always liked Knob Creek. Glad to see they agree.


Rebel Yell has always been my favorite. It is only sold south of the Mason Dixon Line. That's probably why it didn't make the list.

Ed Cone

RY probably didn't make the list because it's not generally regarded as a premium brand to be savored on its own, but as something you mix or give to friends up north. I know my college friends loved that whole "Fourteen years before the great victory at Chickamauga..." spiel on label.

Fred Gregory

Anyone care to taste some 100 year old Jack Daniel's ?
Well not if these bureaucrats have their way.

This would be a sin


I do not believe Van Winkle is available hereabouts. If it is someone let me know where. It is very good. Knob Creek is excellant but I will disagree on Makers Mark. Me likes and not too awful high priced. On fishing trips we always start with Makers Mark and end with Bench Mark (1/2 - 1/3 the price and well worth it if you get my drift).

Never been a Jack kinda guy and WT just doesnt do it for me.

Billy The Blogging Poet

Ol' George Dickle has always been my favorite. But when it comes to sippin' I'll take any brand of Bourbon over Scotch, Irish, Rye, Gin or Vodka any day.


Crown Royal Reserve


I figured you'd pick this article up when I saw it on the NYT email this morning.

Don't trust those Yankees at the NYT to know anything about bourbon - Maker's may not be single barrel or any of that, but it's still quality at a great price point.

Plus, there's the apocryphal quote from Ms. Samuels to go on when asked by some intrepid/insipid reporter about their infamous Kentucky Derby party when asked if she'd ever been drunk.

"No, but I have been overserved."

You want to play a joke on your Yankee friends, though, give them a pint of Heaven Hill. Disgusting but works providing hangovers.

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