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Nov 28, 2007


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Danny Wright

It's okay, Ed. I'd be scared, too, after watching Duke's demolition of Wisconsin last night. When does UNC finally play a ranked opponent?

Ed Cone

Dook has looked impressive -- so far I'd say they were underrated and UNC overrated in the preseason polls -- but I'm not sure what that has to do with this post. Carolina fans were singing "to hell with Dook" long before K showed up, and will sing it long after he leaves.

I think Davidson was ranked when Carolina played them. UNC expected to play Louisville in Vegas, but BYU upset that plan...UNC at Ohio State tonight -- TOSU lost a lot from last year's team, but it should be a test anyway, esp. with Lawson injured.

Danny Wright

You post something about UNC-Duke and expect to get on-topic comments? No, you are mistaken. Very mistaken. May that bully Tyler Hansborough jam one of his pinkies tonight, I tell you.

Ed Cone

Yeah, that bully Hansbrough -- I hate the way he'll throw an elbow and break a guy's nose in a game that's already over.

Wait, that was someone else. (Link not safe for work, or any other decent place)

Danny Wright

Since I am currently in a decent place and cannot watch the video, I am guessing with near-certainty that this must be a clip of when Julius Peppers smashed that Stanford player's face into the hardwood after they tussled for the ball.


We hate Duke. We really, really, really, hate Duke. Coach K is the Devil.


Football season must be over. For some schools anyway.

I think he is referring to what the G-Man did to Dave Colescott back in the day. No? Whatever could it be then. The Laettner stomp perhaps?

I agree, Ed. Dook does look good. The Heels look good to but as usual somewhat overrated. UNC will have to battle same outside shooting bugaboo. Gonna be fun though.

To date the strength of schedule goes to Dook. Ranked 26th toughest with UNC at 30th. Each squad has a tough game this weekend.

As to the post, Dookie V worked in a 2 minute spiel about Dook just last night during the UNC/OSU contest. Amazing how that works EVERY TIME.


Vitale also spends a lot of time talking about the Heels when he calls other games (and it irritates me then, too, even though he is of course correct to sing the praises of Roy). I don't know ANYONE, regardless of school loyalty, who thinks Vitale is a decent announcer; he makes the games all but unwatchable. It's sort of like Bob Hope: I never found anyone who thought he was funny, but he kept showing up on TV anyhow.


DING DING DING and a hearty

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