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Nov 26, 2007


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Wendell Sawyer

Interesting shot. Those seats are familiar to me; I've wharfed down many a beefburger (formerly biffburger), soaked in Ralph's secret sauce, while gazing at those strange yellow cushions.

When I eat hamburgers anywhere else, I yearn for a glance at those awful yellow seats, thinking, "I could have had a beefburger, instead."

Ian McDowell

Looks a tad cleaner in the photograph, and I say that with nothing but affection for the place and their delicious menu of deep-fried badness (the green beans are especially tasty). A somewhat unobservant vegan of my acquaintance at there for years, saying they had the tastiest veggie burgers in town. Somebody finally told her that the reason the veggie burgers tasted so damn good is that they were cooked right beside the beef burgers, absorbing their grease.

Doug H

The "check your pulse" gizmo in the center of the photo is ironic. Are you supposed to do that before, or after you have the house specialty?!?

Wendell Sawyer

The french fries are addictive (or, maybe, I'm just addicted to the grease). Whatever the reason, I really do enjoy eating a variety of the delicious items from the menu (the ribeye steak sandwich is awesome).

My favorite sign at Beefburger is pasted on the front door; it reads, "If you are drunk, eat somewhere else."

Tony Wilkins

Wendell, I have found the key to the biffburger is to ask Ralph for a little extra sauce, enough to make the bun soggy. And go ahead and order about four of them so you won't have to go back.
I can't drive by the place without pulling in to get my fix, even if I have already had lunch. My mouth watered just seeing Lisa's picture of the place.
Ed, a stack of biffburgers may be West Lee Street's version of the Tokyo Tower.

Wendell Sawyer

Tony, those beefburgers are messy little devils. I wish I could remember the number of times that I've slopped that "secret sauce" all over my pants or on my tie or on my shirt. I guess that's the price that I have to pay for enjoying such fine cuisine.

Ian, I think that vegetarians might find Beefburger to be an acceptable place to dine. They can find mushrooms, broccoli, squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes and okra on the menu, along with a "vegetarian box." Of course, these items are all fried in the french fry grease.

Tough Guy

How can you eat a veggie burger and call yourself a man? Better yet, how does a guy named Ian McDowell sleep at night knowing that he/it is nothing more than a fancy lad?

Maria Barton

Tony & Wendell: Their little corn nugget thingies are by far the most awesome fried food product marketed in this town.

Vegetarians: fifteen years or so ago, around the time Sega launched the Saturn, bought the copyrights for all the Atari games, then went out of business, no gamer worth their salt could be my high score in QBert, thanks to the practice I got at Beef Burger (II).

Vegans: Kick off your leather birks and stay for a while @ BBII. If the "Veggie Burgers" at a joint with the word "Beef" in its name ain't quite your style of cuisine, maybe you should try googling the phrase "Greensboro Steakhouse" next time you're searching for chow in these parts. Good luck with that, and bless your waitstaff's hearts.

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