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Nov 25, 2007


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I've always wondered about the odd design of some of the older streets. Guess that explains it.


Even though I've been out of Metro-NY for 30 years, I am still amazed that passenger rail is a new concept to anyone, anywhere. Hubby tells me it's all about population centers when I ask why Greensboro-ites don't think that commuting to a job in RTP or CLT (and home again that same evening) by train is a 'normal' thing to do.

j. neas

I went down to Charlotte on Saturday to check out the exhibit on Southerners in comics at the Museum of the New South that was previously mentioned on here, and one of the boarding points is right outside the parking deck next to the museum. There was a massive line of people. I didn't know it was getting started finally - having grown up outside Charlotte, I've followed the debate over the light-rail system for years - and was happy to see it.

By the way, the exhibit was pretty great. I really enjoyed it - as well as the rest of the museum. They have some pretty awesome things planned for the next few months there. Worth repeat trips, it seems.


If one wishes more info on light rail, a poster named AlanfromBigEasy at theoildrum.com is a global light rail advocate who is an encyclopedia of knowledge. His bio:
"Consulting Engineer, Founder of "Streetcars Desired Everywhere", an advocacy group in New Orleans"


That's great! I'd love to have a light rail here. Even Buffalo, NY has a single line light rail. If Buffalo can do it, we can certainly do it! I might make a special trip to Charlotte soon just to see the new light rail line. Besides....I love trains. I once took Amtrak from New York to Florida and back again. The trip to Florida was great, but the trip back was horrid...went through Hurricane Fran and got stuck! We sat on the train in the middle of nowhere for 12 hours. we made it, though! And I still love all types of trains.


I personally would like to see a streetcar line downtown that would connect UNCG and A&T. Eventually I would like to see other streetcar lines connecting downtown with the Koury Convention Center, connecting downtown with Moses Cone hospital and a line connecting downtown with Gateway University Research Park. Its a proven fact that passenger rail lines and streetcars attract development around the lines. In a quarter of a mile section on Charlotte's light rail line there are billions of dollars worth of development being planned along the line. Greensboro has always been known as a transportation center and I think we should work with Winston, High Point and Burlington to make this happen for the Triad. Quite frankly, im tired of us waiting til Charlotte does it first. Why cant Greensboro take the lead in something for a change?

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