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Oct 10, 2007


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You are good for a hundred or so extra hits we have found, and appreciate the mentions you have done.

Write the words "Tera Williams" and you get an extra 3 dozen or so hits a day, for whatever reason.


The guy on Patrick Ruffini got it wrong (obvious to anyone who uses Sitemeter, but the linked guy explains in detail).

The relatively small traffic from a link on front page of DK is due to:
a) tendency of most readers to focus on Diaries (I rarely check FP and read Diaries all the time - my bookmark is on the Diaries).
b) a tendency of a substantial proportion of Kossians to not go outside of DK. There is so much content on site, why go elsewhere? And many do not have any experience on blogs beside DK so are reluctant to try venturing out.

mick riggs

b: Oh I dont know... To get other points of view maybe? Just a thought.


Your site doesn't drive any traffic to my blog since you don't link to me. ;-o Although, I have had a few people check out my blog after I've left posts here, so I guess that's not totally true. Because of that, I guess I have had a handful of people on my blog because of this one.

Gedeon Maheux

Same goes for me too Kim. My blog gets a couple extra hits from links I post in my comments, but that's about it. Which is about what I would expect.

Ed Cone

I'm with Mick. The idea that there's so much content at DK -- or any given site -- that readers need never venture elsewhere does not seem like a recipe for a healthy media diet.

Beau Dure

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You're welcome.

Ed Cone


It did not put me in the Technorati Top 100.


Which was my criticism of that proportion of Kossians.

Beau Dure

Ed -- That's because you forgot the soccer references.

I know a blogger who got tons of page views from people entering "maura tierney pregnant" searches.

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