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Oct 28, 2007


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cara michele

Just a thought: I'm wondering if maybe the whole "conservative Christian political movement" is "falling apart" because Christ-followers strayed off the path and started building a kingdom that we were never called to build in the first in the first place.

"Jesus said, 'My kingdom is not of this world...'" -- John 18:36

Ed Cone

It's hard to bring faith into politics without corrupting both.

And when people who hold the same faith interpret and emphasize it differently among themselves -- just drive down any busy road in GSO and count the different denominations and churches for a taste of that reality -- then political orthodoxy based on religion in a free society seems tenuous at best.

Telling people that because they love Jesus and want to, say, end abortion or feed the hungry that they must also support an administration's foreign policy is a real stretch. The issues facing the faithful are diverse.

I remember one of those online define-your-politics thingies people were doing a while back, Michele -- you scored a lot more "liberal" than you pictured yourself. Political labels, limiting and limited even when it comes to politics, may be useless in other arenas.

Also, the temptations of worldly power afflict even the faithful, and that undermines trust in leaders who inevitably succumb.

Finally, many of the issues defined as important by the "Religious Right" are also defined by important by, say, me. But in many instances, the political arena is not the place, or the only place, to deal with them. Maybe you heal the culture by living in it, or maybe by opting out of it, but dictating to it seems unlikely to work.

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