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Oct 26, 2007


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Do you think it's by intention or merely lack of attention that WFMY's online content seems made to appeal to, uh, er, not very smart people?

Jeffrey Sykes

Does this have anything to do with what seems like WFMY's stumbling in the dark online?

What does this mean?

Seems like gossip and personals are taking away from news and public interest journalism in this case.

Joe Killian

Adolfo helped out with a Multicultural Journalism Workshop we did at the N&R this year and Dave Holian was one of my favorite professors at UNCG, his "Media and Politics" class one of my favorite courses.

Wish I could have been there last night.

Phil Melton

Speaking of suppressing news stories, I can't help but notice that there's no mention on this blog of the John Edwards campaign's attempt to suppress a video report on Edwards' campaign by a UNC journalism student as reported in The News & Observer. While this site hasn't been a complete lickspittle for Edwards, I can only imagine the hue and cry that would have resulted had the Elizabeth Dole campaign attempted something similar.

Ed Cone

Eh. Saw it at the Dome, thought about linking it, just didn't seem that interesting. Probably wouldn't be interesting it it was about Dole, either.

Phil Melton

A Presidential candidate's campaign contacting a student journalist directly to pressure her into killing a story there. Of course not, it was a Democrat.

Ed Cone

Obviously there is a story of some sort there, Phil -- that's why the Dome and many others covered it.

This site is not a comprehensive news source, it's a personal blog about stuff I find interesting, to which I think I can bring a fresh take, and/or I think my readers may not see otherwise.

Like my opinion column, which runs in the opinion pages of the paper, it reflects my opinions, not some manufactured notion of balance.

In this case, I was taking a day off, saw it on my way out, and thought, huh, that's odd, but it just didn't grab my attention...if it gets legs, I'll probably write about it. If it's just one of a million disposable stories, I won't.


"If it's just one of a million disposable stories, I won't."

Yep. Just doesn't fit in.

On the other hand, aren't there any stories out today a that have "new information and analysis" about the "housing/credit market" that you can talk about?

Ed Cone

Plenty of news on the troubled financial markets, actually. Of course, the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times don't really qualify as judges of such things...

Here's one.

Here's another.

Phil Melton

"This site is not a comprehensive news source, it's a personal blog about stuff I find interesting, to which I think I can bring a fresh take, and/or I think my readers may not see otherwise."

Good thing we have the blog as a source for all the fresh takes on the obscure stories about Ann Coulter. I don't know where else I'd hear about them.

Ed Cone

Funny thing, Phil, I was going to use the whole blathersphere (latest controversies about O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc) as an example of stuff I tend not to cover.

Not to say I ignore it completely, it is pretty hard to wish away and has made the site over the years, but I don't find it that interesting, or think I have much to add to it.

I have mentioned Coulter, to be sure, but I haven't gone out of my way to do so. Manufactured controversy and canned outrage are not at the top of my to-do list.

Again, it's a personal blog. What I'm picking up from your comments is that you want my blog to reflect your opinions and interests, not mine. That's why I keep the comments open. The blog itself may not deliver everything you are looking for, or anything you are looking for. If you want a site that combs the news for everything, positive or negative, about John Edwards, there are a lot of them out there. And as always, if this site fails to satisfy, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

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