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Oct 30, 2007


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Having gone to a Crue concert in the late 80's (strictly for sociological observations, mind you), chased Nikki Sixx through an underground parking garage here in Greensboro and having reluctantly slogged my way through the humanitarian cess pool that is 'The Dirt', I thought I was through with the Crue. But now, having followed the link you provided, I'm not so sure. At any rate, good on Sixx for wanting to portray his many addictions in all their seediness.

Ed Cone

Sixx makes drugs sound quite unappealing.

Perhaps the book itself discusses the allure and the pleasure before getting to the grotesquery and the bottoming-out.

That's often the formula in such works, and it's probably the most honest one.

Requiem for a Dream made me want to try heroin, until people started losing arms and prostituting themselves and going to jail and such. Same with Lou Reed's Rock & Roll Animal, which is pretty exciting through Intro/Sweet Jane...until "Heroin" kills the fun.

j. neas

Fun With Ellipsis:

Ed Cone sez: "Requiem for a Dream made me want...heroin, people...and prostituting...and such. Same with Lou Reed..which is pretty"

This has been another edition of Fun With Ellipsis.

Joe Killian

I remember someone telling me once they really wanted to try heroin after seeing "Trainspotting."


And I thought:

"Really? Then please overdose."

Danny Wright

Brady IS my fantasy football quarterback, and this is the first season I have played. I'm in a league with 11 other people, and they laughed at me when I picked him in the second round instead of another running back (after picking the heretofore non-performing Stephen Davis of the Rams with the second overall pick).

Even more ironic is the fact that I have been a Redskins fan since the mid-1970s. I can't tell if it is more a sign of my enthusiasm of having Brady and Randy Moss as fantasy players or the fact that the Redskins have been so dismal over the last 15 years, but I was very afraid that Brady would get yanked during the 4th quarter. For the first time in my LIFE, I was hoping that he would pour it on the 'Skins and pile up the yards and a couple more TDs. Problem was, my opponent on Sunday had Wesley Welker on his team, so the last TD pass to Welker actually narrowed my lead, as reception TDs get 6 in our league but passing TDs only get 4. I was happy though in the first quarter when Brady under-threw a wide-open Welker in the end zone and a few plays later ended up rushing one in. I'm sort of in trouble next week, because "we" have to play the Colts. Stranger still, I have despised New England throughout the Brady era, but I have swallowed my pride for the sake of victory . . .

The CA

Maybe they should watch "Gia" and see the true glory of smack. I can't understand anything making anyone ever want to try heroin. It leads to despair and/or death and anyone with a brain knows that.

Regarding Brady, I think Belichek is playing mind games with the Colts. He wants them to be intimidated before Sunday's big game.

On a side note, how about that Brett Favre? What a play last night. The guy is still amazing.

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