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Oct 30, 2007


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"Is Irving Park to remain a neighborhood of lawns shaded by mature trees and classical homes with unusual architectural detail, or will it simply evolve into a collection of newly built McMansions attached to prestigious street addresses?"

Change Irving Park to Buena Vista, and this could be about Winston-Salem.

Joe Wilson

I think it is a great idea to begin a preservation effort in IP .I would like to second the assertion that things are out of hand in the matter of lot line pushing. The dollar is mighty and those who can afford to buy an implied pedigree do tend to seek out that neighborhood to do just that. It's high time someone stepped up to preserve the charm of the area although much of it has already befallen the blade and saw, just as it is in my case... better late than never.Will you be attending the meeting Mr Cone?

Ed Cone

I am not a resident of the neighborhood (although I did grow up there, as did my father before me), so I would not plan on attending the meeting even if I could; in any case, I have another obligation.

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