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Oct 18, 2007


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John G

"I'll take it as a subtle suggestion that pulling 100K gallons a day from the Haw River to water a private golf course just might not be the best idea..."
And pulling more than that out of our own water supply for school playing fields and golf courses is a good idea? We are in big trouble, and no-body cares. I can ride through your neighborhood as well as others and still; I see sprinklers going.


to put this in perspective, does anyone know how deep this section is when the lake is full?

Why isn't the city out there with bulldozers digging the bottom up and making the lake deeper? It seems like the dozers are digging everywhere else.

John D. Young

My guess is that this section of Lake Townsend is normally about 4 feet deep.

Allan Williams, Greensboro Water Resources Director, did say several weeks ago at a City Council meeting that the commonly given reason they do not dig the reservoirs deeper is the expense of the project and the difficulty with finding a location for the lake bottom muck (at the moment a lot of that muck is dry, cracked soil). However, he said the real reason is that in normal years we do not get enough rain fall to fill our current reservoirs. The only way we fill our reservoirs now (as in the past several years) is to supplement the rainfall with the purchase of water from Burlington and Reidsville and most likely this year from the Haw River. I think Burlington has already slowed its sale of water to Greensboro to protect itself and Reidsville could do the same. The Haw River, in our area, now is little more than a trickle.

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