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Oct 29, 2007


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Jeffrey Sykes

I'm just gonna vent:

The dude was abused as a child by a ... gasp ... homosexual adult male, which he, like many other victims of abuse, interpreted as normalcy, and fell in to that lifestyle, until he was brought out of it. Now he runs a ... gasp ... Christian ministry to help others in that position overcome their personal struggle, and for that he is labeled a gay basher? You quote a gay activist on this? Is that supposed to provide *context*?

I bet you wouldn't dare take your pro-homosexual viewpoint to the streets of Mullins or Westminster or Seneca, would you?

This is the problem with the daily gay. You are interpreting things through a litmus test of gay support. I'm sorry your uncle was gay. Millions of other people don't give a shit who is gay and who is not, any more than they care who is Catholic, who is a Jew and who is from Timbuktu.

This has been debated over and over for weeks at Obama's community blogs.

Are you really willing to trash the most dynamic politician in the last 45 years because of your narrow world view? You remind me of right wingers who wont support a candidate unless they pass the no abortion litmus test.

I tell you, you and Anglico are doing a bang up job of mimicking those on the right you spend so much time vilifying.


Seriously can we just jump straight to the part where we have a Republican and a Democrat and they both suggest how horrible some group they arbitrarily chose isn't going to be treated like citizens?


Jeffrey Sykes

Ich verstehe nicht.

Ed Cone

Glad you finally feel free to vent on the subject of gays, Jeff -- you've always been so restrained here in the past.

Seriously: I'm not really interested in the guy's story, I'm interested in Obama's decision to involve the guy in his campaign. Seems like a bad choice to me.

Jeffrey Sykes

Seems like a decent choice on his part.

My personal opinion on homosexuals is also tempered by abuse, but that's not the issue here. If you look at the past year, I've come a long way since those comments.

John G

Ich verstehe nicht, wie man so hassen kann.

Jeffrey Sykes

Who hates?


That story is dead. The media is struggling to keep it alive. The concert has come and gone. It went well. So forget about it. It is History now. All what they are doing is they want you to put more wood to the fire. You know Obama's position on this issue and i think most gay people know that too.


Don't vent!

Hang yourself!

Or drink poison and die. Idiot!

Obama has clarified this, McClurkin has also clarified it and gays are happy. If you really want attention, throw yourself under a truck and die. Fool!

Randy K

This story is beyond dead. It's essentially a swiftboat type of smear where we're supposed to doubt what is in Obama's heart. Every position he has on homosexuality is righteous. He is a supporter of complete equality under the law for gay and straight couples. His own church recognizes same sex marriage.

This whole thing is an effort to poison his name a little bit with a community that he would serve very well in office. That's what makes it such a sleazy attack. It's meant to create a wedge between him and people he completely supports.

Some may actually be getting caught up in the narrative, finding the gospel guy to be offensive. But others are intentionally fanning that emotion to make it appear like Obama himself has problems with the issue. Fine, bring it on. If he has to address the gay community more directly, I say put him on that stage. Because he is always candid and he will simply win more support from a demographic that supports him well already for good reason.

Joe Killian

My favorite comment about homosexuality ever to appear on this blog may be Sykes' comparison of homosexuals to dogs licking their balls.

It's that type of thing that separates the merely hilarious and the truly classic. Or the wheat from's balls.

Jeffrey Sykes


That was pretty good wasn't it. And an apt comparison as well, since in context the conversation went:

Jeff: Homosexuality is unnatural.

Matt: It is natural, because it occurs in nature. Why look, they have found homosexual activity among dogs.

Jeff: Matt, dogs lick their own balls, does that mean man should as well?

Crowd: Sykes is an idiot because he compared gays to dogs licking their balls.

Crowd: Sykes hates gays. Sykes is a bigot. Sykes is full of hate.


Jeffrey Sykes

*Seriously: I'm not really interested in the guy's story, I'm interested in Obama's decision to involve the guy in his campaign. Seems like a bad choice to me.*

Ed: Sometimes you kill me.

If you are not interested in the guy's story, then how on earth do you feel qualified to cast aspersion on his motives and actions.


Ed Cone

Jeff, I'm questioning Obama's motives and actions, not McClurkin's. It's a free country. The guy may feel righteous and justified in his public statements, and you may agree with him, but that doesn't mean he is the right choice for a campaign event.

Andy Vance

fell in to that lifestyle

He became a child molester?

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