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Oct 24, 2007


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Michelle Jarboe

I hadn't seen that Lessenberry article, but it really struck a chord just now when I read it. I grew up in Michigan, wanted to work at the Free Press for years and actually has my first newspaper internship at the Observer & Eccentric newspapers, the small suburban chain that article mentions.

Watching the changes at those smaller papers after they were sold off really hurt. I still keep track of some people who work there, and they're still doing good work. But from the outside, it looks like a substantially different operation than it was the summer after my first year of college.

Joe Killian

The first paper I worked for in high school has been going down the drain for years, its circulation dwindling to really tragic levels. It recently converted to a thin tabloid format and is working with a skeleton staff that's just barely able to cover what absolutely has to be covered.

When it disappears there will be no newspaper for that area - no daily, no weekly, no nothing.

Brenda Starr

Aw,but think of all the non-monetary compensation you get, in thanks and appreciation you get from the community. Hahahahahahahahaha...

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